All I want for Christmas…

… realistically involves a number of things. And yes, this is the annual Christmas list. No, I'm not at home to consult my handy dandy list of items I've written down over the years that I actually might want/need. Instead I'll go from memory and update it if I feel it needs it when I get home.

Anywho, this past semester's been a semester full of change: I became a grad student in TWO masters programs; I began working as a research assistant; I became a chair or co-chair for a few conferences coming up in 2010; I began training someone else in Health and Safety at work so I will no longer be entirely alone for the now one shift a week that I do work; I fell on some stairs and have had to mind my back as a result; I became semi-involved with a bunch of new initiatives in Edmonton etc.; and so on. So while much hasn't changed, a whole bunch has, and I've not been terribly descriptive in my recounting of it online.

But what do I want for Christmas? Well in no particular order:
— To do well in all of my courses (not that that's unusual or anything)
— To complete the papers I'm working on for publication (and do it well)
— A Wii with Wii fit. (Honestly I'm like the worst couch potato lately, and this would really help up my physical fitness, plus be fun — this would honestly be a perfect gift as it's something I'm unlikely to purchase for myself, but something I really truly would enjoy. AND I now have an AWESOME TV for use with this!!)
— A netbook (I may just have to buy one at some point, just like I need to remember to get Windows 7 before the end of December to take advantage of the really awesome deal)
— A headset of sorts for my computer (for the sole purpose of using Skype in meetings and whatnot)
— Experiences (these are valuable)
— Time spent with friends and family (I never do enough of this)
— Good food (particularly since as a grad student I'm finding less and less time to go cook for myself)
— Free time (lots and lots of stuff in my to-do list, not enough time to do it!)
— Nice Girls Don't Explode (1987) <-- yeah I still haven't gotten around to getting this somehow. It's a movie, but it's not out on DVD in our region. VHS is fine though. -- That '70s Show Season 8 (it's the only season I'm lacking!) -- The Muppet Show Seasons 1-3 (4 and 5 have not come out on DVD to my knowledge) -- Angels in America (on DVD, as I happen to really like this miniseries) -- Star Trek (the 2009 movie on DVD!) -- Book of Enchantments by Patricia C. Wrede (a good YA fantasy tie-in) -- Three by Joel Plaskett (3 CD release) -- To have my back stop limiting me. -- To learn the affordances of new technologies at my disposal -- To get more quality sleep -- And I want success in the many many endeavors that people I know are involved in as of late. Honestly. That, plus the usual wishes for the world to be better in general constitutes my list at the moment. I will add to it if I think of other things -- as I know that there are a few who might actually use this list as an aid for Christmas planning [my brothers for example]. (edited to add book/movie/tv etc. specifics on December 5, 2009)
(edited to add headset for computer on December 6, 2009)
(edited to subtract the smart phone on December 15, 2009)
(edited to add Star Trek and edit my TV comments on December 16, 2009)