Snow, Snow and more Snow (and also fun!)

So Friday morning, I headed to campus in the blizzardy weather and attended the Butterdome Craft Sale. It was awesome as usual — I picked up a few gifts, tried some good samples, saw lots of neat things, and purchased a few things for myself. I'm pretty darn pleased with my personal purchases, though they weren't exactly cheap! 😉 I got a nice wrap to curl up in while working on the computer, a couple interchangeable belts and a unique belt buckle (it has butterflies on it if you want to know), the hat that I think I eye and try on every single time I go to the craft sale — it's warm and fashionable which is exactly what I was needing in a hat, and a much larger pitpack (which is great for my aching back — plus doesn't smell like the wheat or flax filled ones, and is machine washable, and microwave and freezer friendly. Yeah it was pretty awesome!

After attending a pretty excellent SLIS talk (this time from Dr. Ross J. Todd from Rutgers, and I don't think I'll write up a blurb on it at the moment), I headed home to get stuff done.

Or at least I attempted to head home: I took a bus that got stopped by police (to take a passenger off), and then got stuck in the snow TWICE during the 5 block trip. It was still faster than maneuvering the sidewalk drifts though.

Last night, I attended a most excellent party at Nancy and Graham's. Great times overall! I didn't get much sleep last night however. We had a most excellent gift exchange, and I ended up with a bobblehead doll of Carol from the film Where the Wild Things Are. I really need to see the film now! 😉

This morning bussing adventures continued. I knew that taking the 130 would be the most direct route to the Edmonton Petroleum Club. That said, I didn't know that I would be waiting for 30 minutes more than expected! A woman that I waited with had been waiting since 10 am when the bus finally arrived at 11am (note that I had planned to be AT the Edmonton Petroleum Club for the GELA Brunch AT 11am), and she had even noted that the bus hadn't appeared at 9:10 when it was supposed to either. Regardless, we did end up arriving and wading through some more snow. And it WAS worth it: it was one of the very best brunches I have ever devoured. I had an omlet, turkey, gravy potatoes, eggs florentine, salad, salmon, etc. The desserts were even amazing, and I'm not one to rave about desserts! Such yumminess! Plus the speaker they had for the luncheon was excellent too! (no I will not blog about her talk, but she was a great table conversationalist too!) I met some excellent librarians — was sad that more students weren't able to attend, however I'm not surprised that some couldn't make it at the last minute, the snow is pretty close to impassable at times, particularly given that no one has plowed Jasper Ave and other arterial roads yet.

Overall it's been a pretty excellent day. While I should be writing papers, I'm catching up on other internet goodies for the time being. And will get back to the papers with more vigor when I'm better rested. Tomorrow, I hope!