On Evangelion: 1.0 You are (not) alone

Watching the movie, Evangelion: 1.0 at Scotiabank Theatre this evening, I was reminded of my animé watching experiences from my youth. The plot for this first movie pretty much mirrored what I watched at that point, and fulfilled my expectations in that respect. Certainly it was interesting to watch it again, with the overly expressive/dynamic voices that I expect when watching an animé dubbed in English — not that it's terribly different when watching it with subtitles. [my research into avatars seems to be spilling over into my movie watching, given the vocabulary I'm using to describe the characters' voices]

Regardless, merely watching reminded me of how much I miss animé on occasion. That said it was interesting to see the nearly empty theatre filled with mostly male animé fans. At one point it felt like I was the only girl there — certainly the only girl in a skirt! I was glad when Amanda, someone I knew, appeared. I hadn't expected to run into anyone I knew, particularly since I had won the ticket.

In other, not related, news: I brought MAC stuff in for recycling and got a nifty new mineral eyeshadow! Win! Gotta love being rewarded for environmental consciousness. Yet another reason why MAC is my favorite cosmetics brand.