In Winnipeg at the UofM

Yesterday was an adventure. Poor Louis wasn't having a terribly amazing day (unfortunately) though we certainly did have a great lunch and dinner. I was amused at the quality of food available at the lunch place we went to on campus — in fact it even had lots of yummy vegan options. I had some VERY filling Green curry with yummy garbanzo beans, rice and pita, a smoothie, and yam fries. Interestingly, as table markers, they had some of the most interesting objects including Yosemite Sam and Bugs Bunny, which were our table markers. This was excellent.

Last night Octoberfest was on their campus, and to put it mildly there was a lot of unacceptable behaviour
including destruction of property, noise, inebriated people, and generally not the greatest of aftermaths. Regardless, it was amusing.

Today we did some workshops, Books for Africa stuff, and watched Validation again (yay!). The rest of the day should be a good quality adventure!

Not bad for a jaunt to Winnipeg!