Hilbilly Hoedown and other adventures

After a day's board meetings, Ian and I went walking. We found a Korean grocery store where he bought shrimp crackers (in a massive bag!) before walking down toward the Casino and back, and then heading toward Victoria Park. Victoria Park was wonderful for people watching among other things: Ian climbed a tree! Plus there was some fun public art as well.

Opening session was incredibly brief: far more casual than usual because of the brevity — but this brevity was very welcome. Many missed opening session because of this fact and also because the golf tournament ran late.

Soon we went to Buffalo Point for our Hilbilly Hoedown. Everyone got a new Hilbilly name for the evening. Mine was given to be Desiree Mae Bob. Ian was Doc, and there were many other great names in the crowd. Dinner was excellent bbq food — it seems that this is my summer of bbq what with Nashville and Birmingham and Regina…

The live band was excellent! I got to dance quite a bit with excellent dancers. Wayne was particularly skilled for example. It was great country western tunes, and Ian even learned to dance a bit himself. We closed out the party, leaving on the last bus… a great ending to a busy day.