Not much to say… but transit adventures are fun (plus I'm a couch potato!).

So I got home from Regina safe and sound. It felt good to doze on the way back (I tend to doze/sleep on the way home from trips rather than en route to get there). That whole weekend consisted of a lot of sitting and eating (yes, and productive stuff too). It strikes me that I've become more couch potato-ish lately, and probably need to do something about this. Today was no exception as I was working a Casino for one of the local area Kiwanis clubs. I adore being banker so that was good stuff.

That said, I really need to do my transit research more diligently… so that I don't go miss the bus I'm planning on taking. Very important. Now driving through a trailer park on the bus was interesting, but it wasn't on my list of things to do today.

So I guess that's something to consider. Yes, my brain did think about the convenience of having a cell phone or a internet capable device at that point (when I was waiting for the bus) but you all know me well enough to realize that while I may have thought of it, I'm not about to act on that thought — not for a long while yet anyway.

In other news, this Leonard Cohen CD that I won (and picked up today): Live in London, is very soothing. It is truly helping me relax.