So apparently I still need to relax…

Or something of the sort. I was in a perfect mood today (after a bizarre work shift, really what with doors being broken, people being sick, and the crazy snow/cold weather) and my computer printer decided it didn't want to print.

Now my next action was to mention it to people online and hope that someone would point out an answer.

And that worked, although in an entirely unexpected way. Of the many people named David who could have helped, one came over and miraculously made the printer work. And I mean miraculously, because we have no idea why it works now but didn't then. Bizarre, really!

In other news, I read Cory's new book, and was rather pleased with the quick read. It's really nifty to see his story in print. It's quite a good one. And I'm slowly getting my travel plans under control for this summer. Slowly because not all the info is available. But it's getting there. And really, that's what matters.

I'm really looking forward to my vacation. I'm just thinking I might need another vacation, where NOTHING is planned as well. We'll see.