Dream time fears and strange imaginings…

I don't often remember my dreams. And when I do, they're clearly obviously bizarre and nonsensical. But this past night's dreams were kind of telling. Two separate happenings (which may have been mixed together in the same dream) occurred.

Firstly I was taking the bus through what I could imagine to be a dreamtime Edmonton, but I got off at least 20 blocks from my destination. And there were these mansion-esque houses everywhere towering above me (I'm pretty sure no neighbourhood like this exists in Edmonton, at least not the way I dreamed it). The ground was covered in snow, and I think that there were a random assortment of empty lots here and there. Street signs indicated I had to walk a LONG ways to get to my destination assuming we were still on the grid — but the roadways weren't at right corners or anything and reminded me of Westpark in Fort Saskatchewan (though the buildings were far too tall and mansion-esque to be in Fort Sask). For some odd reason Grant appeared, but he didn't do anything. I had a conflicting impression that he was trying to be a guide through this mansion-wilderness AND laugh at me simultaneously, which frankly made utterly no sense. So I guess I kind of ignored that, and began trudging through snow drifts and over tire tread marks.

The other dream clearly pointed to my current anxieties about graduate school. I opened Bear Tracks and there was a message saying that they needed more information to make their decision… information that proved that I would not be distracted by my literary ambitions were I to be accepted. Looking back at this dream I realize that that's unreasonable of course, but it's where my brain was going… *sighs* Probably a contributing factor was chatting with a current MLIS student who had only been accepted on her second application into the UofA program. Also recent chats about books and bookshelves could have also contributed.

Honestly I just really want to know about Grad school. I don't want to wait another year taking Open Studies classes (though I'm sure there are tonnes of good ones to take). And I have a good sense of direction, so I really really wonder at the getting lost thing in the other dream.