Cover songs… sometimes a good thing… sometimes NOT

So I was walking down the stairs to the LRT today after class, and I hear the woman (you know the one, who is always playing her guitar and singing in the LRT, the shorter one with the big poofy black/greying hair) playing her music and singing along. Now I normally pay her very little attention, especially since I often don't find her playing particularly exceptional or anything. But here's the problem I encounter:

She's MANGLING Walking on Sunshine (or whatever that song is actually called). It takes me a while to realise what song she's actually playing but once I recognize the lyrics and the speed she's singing them at with the tune… well…

Normally I try to give covers a fair chance. In fact some of my favorite versions of songs aren't the originals, but are covers (or parodies even!). But this, this offends my sensibilities. And it's not as if I'm particularly particular or have a particularly large amount of appreciation for the original song… but her playing just grated on my nerves. I scurried down the second set of stairs in a hurry to get to the LRT and AWAY from her.

Even some of the worst suited singing at Karaoke is less frustrating than this (and realistically very LITTLE of what I ever hear at karaoke fits into this category — I rather like most of what I hear, and truly appreciate/love even more. I'm probably one of the least skilled singers to perform at karaoke anyhow). I just want to forget hearing it ever happened.