Even my mother tells me I should post more often…

And I don't just mean meme posts either. So since I'm not in the mood to go to sleep I'll do some brief typing. It'll be in more point-form than anything, and probably will vary a bit. But seeing as the last uh, useful post was from the 22nd, which was a while ago, I may as well type something.

I've just been very busy. Having a lot of fun, and yes, getting back into the swing of school/work/life balance (?) after Reading week. Kiwanis stress is a mild annoyance but we're getting things done in that area too. Now if only I could stop time to allow for more hours of sleep?!

It was nice to return to karaoke at RATT. No, I still didn't sing last week, but I likely will this week or something. It has been far too long. It doesn't feel the same without Jackie there however (and it's certainly not the same as when Colin and Peter were there and she wasn't, either). I'm truly missing her.

Saturday was our Kiwanis club's Habitat for Humanity Build Day. No one brought a camera, however, so I doubt that there's pictures available. I spent the day essentially painting doors. White paint on white doors. Very exciting… really! Overall the day was a success, lots of fun and I believe all in attendance enjoyed themselves.

That evening, I attended the Dinwoodie Staff party, which was sufficiently raucous for my happiness. And no, being surrounded by copious amounts of alcohol and many many bartenders does not make Ali a drinker… though I did try a pornstar shot. As for the rest of the party… you would have had to have been there.

I still don't know how I survived until today on so little sleep… but whatever. I actually made it through today's 15% Tuesday which was a good thing. It was a very long day what with class tacked on to the end.

And now, I should go to bed as I work in the morning.