Strangely, I think I'm growing up…

…(not that that's not obvious) but really it's been a whirlwind of learning experiences lately. And I frankly think that while I'd rather not have had some of them (since they're not all 100% pleasant of course), I'm growing and learning from them. Here are a few noteworthy observations from the past while:

– Dreams can indicate a lot about one's current mind-state, especially concerning WHO's in them. Even if the trappings might be bizarre (octopi, Ferris wheels, acrobats, alcohol, helmets, t-shirts, SUB, my parents' house, Dinwoodie, a swimming pool, fire, etc. — yes these are from several dreams). Of course I don't always remember my dreams but these ones have proved to be significant indicators of where I am in 'real life'.

– Wishful thinking is just that: wishful thinking. I think gut feeling tells me more about my mind-set than wishful thinking any day of the week.

– I can be a lot more resourceful than I would otherwise imagine.

– While I *HATE* having plans canceled, I'm getting a lot better at dealing with this and making alternate arrangements. Even if these arrangements include hermiting myself temporarily or hiding in a book [yay for Mercedes Lackey's comfort providing fantasy literature sometimes! The escape is worthwhile].

– Yes, I still do need to get out of the house and interact with people daily if I am going to be my happy perky self. And yet my natural inclination is to hermit myself or to spend ridiculous amounts of time alone. No, this doesn't make sense in the slightest.

– Apparently I can indeed get board game deprived. I think I need to start hosting more board game events again. And when I do, I really hope more of my friends will attend. And that includes the less social of the bunch (heck I often consider myself one of the less social people I know too…)

– Stress in small doses can make my life really unpleasant.

– I need to take care of my body. This includes avoiding injury, exercising more, and yes, as my head would indicate now, hitting my head less often.

– I *DO* need sleep. Regardless of what it may seem.

– Procrastination is far far too fun (but not the best course of affairs more often than not).