It took nearly a week…

… but my back feels almost back to normal. This is a good thing. More than a good thing actually, a pretty fantastic thing. I wasn't a big fan of EVERYTHING hurting on Thursday night after falling on the ice, nor was I a big fan of not going swimming on Friday as a result, or of only working self-scan on Friday night because it hurt too much. Saturday was okay, but it still hurt to do ANYTHING with my left arm/back. Sunday I worked mostly facing one direction, favouring my left arm/side. And then Monday I could work relatively normally… and Tuesday was 15% Tuesday and I felt fine to do pretty much most of anything. So I think I'm better from the fall now. Which is a darn good thing, because I've some major pulls on my time.

Because of course now I'm officially a Kiwanian (all of a sudden I have three new Kiwanis pins, including a ruby one!): a charter member and president of my Kiwanis club, the Kiwanis club of Edmonton Young Professionals. And getting prepared to wear an additional hat with regards to CKI also. Apparently I'm either a glutton for punishment or I really am a big fan of the Kiwanis Family or something. Probably a combination thereof.

Charter night itself went pretty well. I still have to return some of the alcohol but only now have a partially filled bottle of white rum left over that hasn't been drunk — which isn't bad, given that I'm a non-drinker. I don't think I'm out much money either which is good.

And Beth gave me an awesome Beatles puzzle she had won for me in the silent auction. I put it together last night — it was a good challenge, given that the thing is a BALL. A sphere, made up of flat pieces. It's pretty nifty though my fingers hurt after pushing it together last night. It had been a LONG time since I had put together a puzzle of any variety!