I realize I never posted anything about the Inauguration…

…which I watched excerpts of all day on January 20th whenever I had a break from work. I imagine quite a few people watched when they got a chance. I was surprised how emotionally moving the broadcast was. I'm not sure I'm in complete agreement with the awesomeness that the coming years have in store (so I'm perhaps realistic?) however I do like the messages attempted to be conveyed.

And we had some great conversations at work in the break room about everything from fashion, the Obama kids' enjoyment of the parade, the Kennedy curse, medical emergencies, the tank-limo, and of course the throngs of people.

Perhaps this was one of the reasons why it was so slow at work on the 20th? Everyone glued to their TV/internet screens?

Regardless, it was a good change from the normal TV in the break room watching. The channel was always pointed to the inauguration coverage.