You hold the camera while I tie the parrot…

actual words said during the donning of my Halloween costume for the first time. This was pre-UADC Halloween dance. I'm very much in awe of Olwyn's skills in making me the skirt and sleeves (yes, eventually I'll post pictures… of course I'm at least 6 months behind at picture posting… but eventually!). The dance itself was great too. While the ol' crowd wasn't there in mass (though a good number was present), a bunch o' CKIers were present with which to talk and coerce onto the dance floor. I'm always entertained by people's perspectives on their own dancing — most men think they are worse than they are (with a few exceptions who are the opposite).

In other news, the Kiwanis club building efforts are moving along nicely. There are a million things I need to do right now, and I hope I don't forget any of them.

The Forbidden Phoenix at the Citadel today made me cry. Of course that was probably brought on in part by my reading A Little Piece of Ground by Elizabeth Laird before and after viewing it… and also getting more and more frustrated with the Citadel's issues distributing tickets (mostly because of a downtown power outage/surge this morning). So I still don't have my other Family Series tickets yet. *sighs* Very frustrating though I did end up with a good seat thanks to excellent staff… and as I said before I cried. I bought a CD sampler of a few of the musical's songs and had it autographed by the writer and composer. It was nice to meet Marty Chan!

Tonight I hope to see more theatre and make a dent in my rather scary to-do list. The wind right now is frightening: during the time I was in the theatre various things fell down (blown down) outdoors, making my return home rather odd.