A few quick words… (an update)

Homecoming was excellent! I never would have imagined meeting the great people that I did, nor have so much fun seeing a person I knew! Such a great time, really. I'm definitely going to have to return to reunions in the future.

The AIDS walk was rather great also. The only downside was some awfully inconsiderate/rude participants/volunteers. That said I'm glad that I went (and fundraised a little bit). Good weather too: it only sprinkled a teensy bit! PLUS I got kettle corn!! I adore kettle corn (I'm not much of a fan of normal popcorn to be honest).

Studio Theatre's Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf was great! Definitely not a happy play, but one infused with a lot of tension, drinking and playing of rather cruel games (I would compare it to What the Butler Saw but for the fact that What the Butler Saw was far more funny). I was very impressed with the actor who played Nick, but realistically speaking I was impressed with all four actors. Each was incredibly skilled at the role set for them. I certainly can't imagine doing anything close to as good of a job! I was also rather impressed by the set design. It really evoked the right setting — and I liked the books strewn beneath the chair, a very nice touch.

Card making was a good activity at our Kiwanis club's first service project/meeting. Extra thanks go to all who brought supplies and certainly to Ian for volunteering to mail the cards!