First week chaos…

Wow… The first week of September (aka the first week of school) has come to a relative close. And what a week it's been! Here are some highlights:

Sept 1st
– Went on an AWESOME shopping excursion with Jackie! I totally love my birthday gift: an awesome mod dress!! Great way to pass Labour Day!

Sept 2nd
– Got my birthday present from my brother!! I got the awesome Goodkind refillable wooden pens that I requested on my lj! So happy am I!!
– Made it through 15% tuesday without a glitch. Thank goodness for that!

Sept 3rd
– Work, while relatively calm was also somewhat stressful. That said I got what I needed to get done!
– The first pre-organizational meeting for the brand new Kiwanis club of Edmonton Young Professionals! Some excited future members came out along with some extra awesome Kiwanians! I'm getting more excited about this prospect… of course I'm also worrying about spreading the word: so if you know ANYONE in Edmonton who might be interested… direct them my way (or to the Facebook group or Facebook events)

Sept 4th
– Yummy pancake breakfast (though not as good as today's).
– Met with Becky to provide the CKI club with its awesome new Member of the Month supplies and pins!
– Gave out handbooks (and wrote on people's hands with a highlighter!)
– Went to class!! I get to study Harry Potter, and Anne of Green Gables and so much more awesome stuff!! So excited am I!
– Served Beer at Beer Gardens (and enjoyed myself in the process)!
– Was a tour guide at my 9th Taste of the U. So very yummy too…

Sept 5th
– More serving beer at Beer Gardens (this time after a LONG day of work).
– Simple Plan concert!! Such fun! Olwyn and I had a blast!! Cute is What We Aim For was good (while I like their songs better in their recordings, I rather loved the lead singer's hair… whoa CUTE is the word!), Metro Station was decent (I found them posturing a bit much and a bit fake for my liking but they weren't bad sound-wise), Simple Plan was better than I could have ever hoped for! Reminded me a bit of the Savage Garden Concert from 8 years back but with different genre of music entirely. So very real and down-to-earth: they honestly seemed to be having fun on stage and weren't just putting on a face for the crowd. Great stuff, really.
It would be good to know why Faber Drive wasn't performing. I kind of worry about it — it was hinted that it was negative.

Sept 6th
– Got myself outta bed in time to serve flip pancakes for Shinerama's breakfast (a royal mess of miscommunication began the morning but the end result was yummy!). The only downside to this very delicious morning was that I burned myself while flipping a pancake over. It isn't serious but I'm glad I purchased a burn dressing to help it heal.