FBOFW… wow…

So normally I don't spend my time typing about my comic reading addictions, and face it I have a few (it's a 50/50 split between web comics and those originally found in the dailies usually… plus I suppose a sprinkling of graphic novels to suit), but gosh Lynn Johnston's For Better Or For Worse has been a part of my growing up. And now, she's wrapped up the storyline.

While I'm super glad she's not stopping entirely (as this means that I'll still get exposed to new comics) the series will no longer be moving forward in time. One of its strengths for me growing up was always that the characters grew and aged. I longed to be like Michael, yet found myself often still in Elizabeth's life stages, making it easy to want to know what happens next. Of course the strip has gone on for 29 years and I'm not quite that old yet myself, but still.

So, tomorrow, when Lynn begins anew with her series, adding to the ol' story lines we are so familiar with, I'm going to miss the suspense that has had me wondering what's next for so many years. Thank you to Lynn Johnston and For Better Or For Worse! http://fbofw.com