First Aid needed during a First Aid course… and other adventures.

It seems I'm rather tired these days. Mostly as I've been waking up for 6am each morning this past week. Strange… I also think this tiredness impacts my ability to run on varied food sources.

Then again it could just be adrenaline. Which I think has a lot to do with my odd sensations this afternoon.

You see, this morning one of the participants in the first aid course I am taking fell out of his chair while watching the video for AEDs. He was having a seizure. We all helped ensure his safety (removal of hazards, reassurance once he regained consciousness etc.) and ensured that medical aid arrived (especially seeing as he had never had a seizure before — or at least he never knew that he had ever had such a thing)… definitely an adventure… it reminds me of when I took drivers ed and the instructor was in a car accident… that kind of weird likes to happen.

(oh and yes, he's okay… he does have to go figure out why on earth he was having a seizure however… and his not having eaten breakfast didn't help things I don't think… another reminder to remember to eat right. I was happy I had an extra granola bar for him when the paramedics asked if anyone had one)

So with that kind of stress and the early mornings (not to mention the fun of actually performing CPR on the doll… and the happiness that is being rather GOOD at the course this time around, rather than just being average or slightly better than average)… I found it harder to deal with the bright sunshine and the motion of bus number 3 on the way home. Sushi helped (as did a nap and a shower) but I think the whole day made me look forward to Orlando more.

Now if only I could get Denver booked. GAH!