I can bartend, and adventure… on a weekend with friends

Friday night, I bartended the Big Rock Eddies. Thus, I learned more than I ever planned on learning about Big Rock's selection of beers (and one cider!) without imbibing a drop (you know I don't drink right?). Great fun and such crazy outfits — ballgowns and blue jeans and everything in between. A lot of alcohol was consumed and I learned that Chop makes great crab dip stuff and that the Sawmill makes good meat (duh!). Fun all round plus I got paid for it (woo!).

Saturday was Kevin's going away party — meaning that while I operated on next to no sleep (work was counterproductive at best), I had a blast at Tasty Tom's and at Block 1812 with friends. Great stuff and awesome people — Kevin has great taste in friends.

Sunday was planned relaxation — which means that I ran into Matthew and Finnegan and played numerous board games as his place while enjoying tea. Ticket to Ride, Great Wall of China, War of 1812, and Thebes are all great as two player games! 🙂 Finnegan is sure a cutie (still a cutie!) too!

Monday, upon meeting up with Vivian she described my outfit as perfect for fighting baddies… I loved the compliment and thought it would be great to dive into a computer game with that type of garb.

So now that my sleep deprivation comes to an end, I look forward to tomorrow night's concert.