Tix to Disney booked… oh and poetry readings rock… especially the ridiculously intimate ones…

… even if VERY FEW people attend a particular poetry reading (like for example, the one I attended last night, where only somewhere between 4 and 6 of us were not the readers themselves), hearing GREAT poetry is very much worth it. And I must be getting exercise these days seeing as I walked to and from Cafe Select, my sore muscles telling me repeatedly that they are so sore… It was Rob's last reading as host here (thank goodness Trisia is taking over!), and I even got to have a long chat with Alice Major (and the other readers, but I think I talked most with Alice Major)… which was cool! Who would have thought I'd be providing her with advice?

On the way home, a Taxi cab nearly ran me over (dratted Yellow Cab!), but dancing in the rain on the way home was terribly fun once I got over my fright.

And poetry readings inspire me to write more poetry. WOO!