And somehow she inspired me…

… I can't believe she's gone. I feel like shaking the internet and making it tell me what went wrong. How can Facebook and so many of my friends be telling me this horrible truth? That one amazing bright leader is gone.

It hits me like a punch to the gut and I want to know more details. All at once. Details solidify the truth, and it seems so surreal. How can it have happened, and what happened?

Gina Durham, while I did not know her well, was an amazing leader, with an infectious smile. She treated me in such a way that I felt happier each time I encountered her, although I am clearly no Jersey girl. She simply cared. And treated all as they should be treated.

Such an amazing individual. She will be missed.

And it is on days like these that I am truly thankful for Facebook, and the internet, and so much else besides. Without these I wouldn't know… and that too would be a loss.

Rest in Peace, Gina. Let's hope we all live life to the fullest in your memory, for that a lesson you remind me of constantly, especially today.

I need a hug.