On the first week of school in 2008…

School goes well: I'm actually rather excited about my courses. The readings look fabulous (not that I've had to do much reading just yet!) loads of young adult books, Strindberg plays and banned books/scandalous lit. It'll be a fun semester!

The question I keep getting from people is of course: what next? And I could answer with the normal answer of 'get writing' or something of the sort, but really, there's more to it than that. I will graduate this spring again. I imagine I'll slow down again (I need a break), do some travel (mostly conventions/conferences) spend more time with friends, and take some open studies classes (okay, fine, I'll admit that I enjoy school and don't seem to leave), before contemplating MLIS or other possibilities. Yes, that's right I don't want to be pursuing a degree for a year or two after this one.

I'm contemplating doing more dancing, increasing Kiwanis involvement, and of course taking time out for myself. I'm thinking about a lot of things.

And yesterday's back-to-school WEM shopping trip reminded me of such. I did end up buying a lot of the things I've either wanted or needed for a long long time (noteably new jeans, new and AWESOME boots!, socks, and a Hopper calendar (I thought of Heather and the Film noir class when I picked up the calendar — yay for Barb's classes!) among other things). I finally saw Enchanted in the theatre (which I adored — yay for awesome movies!), and I had a pretty horrible scare when I misplaced my wallet (thank goodness I found it again — I think I had a few too many shopping bags).

I don't shop all that often and when I do I do tend to pick up a rather lot of things. Which is always a good sign, since that way I don't have to spend as much time shopping.

I even ordered the most of my course books — of course I still need/want to buy a few from the bookstore that I didn't pick up the first time. I even ordered some extra pleasure reading books… partly to make the free shipping totals. And I finally booked my flights for NY — now for hotel! 🙂

Lots on the go, lots to do, but you know what? I feel great!