If I'm falling asleep standing up, I'm likely pretty tired.

As the above subject would suggest, I'm not getting enough sleep lately. That said, by tomorrow that problem should be resolved for the time being — why? Because I will somehow manage to finish the essay I have due tomorrow by then! 🙂

But yes indeed, I've been far too sleep deprived lately. Mostly because of the whole burning the candle at both ends phenomenon — having my time booked up from early morning to late night (aka. really early morning).

But the Fait Accomplit release party went splendidly — we almost sold out of our first print run — which is nifty since there does seem to be demand for more copies. Lots of cool people were there, and the readings were pretty smashingly fun as well.

Winter Waltz was fab. Sure emotionally I was more stressed than I needed to be, but things are getting better in that arena — plus I danced most of the night, and looked stellar with my hair done by Jackie! 🙂 Food was great, and I enjoyed the traditional trip to BP's afterward. Sure this meant a lack of sleep but seeing some of my sorely neglected friends after the ball was welcome too. Gosh I miss some people sometimes. *sighs*

Work — well, suffice to say work is short staffed. But I'm still able to say 'no' if I really don't need/want the overtime. A discussion with Clarence did help to reveal to me my priorities, and so saying no becomes easier.

Now I'd best get started on that paper — or at least go back to procrastinating it!