School's back (evidently) and I'm buried in (fun) books! :)

Ahh… yes another school year… and this means more readings to do (pleasant ones, really. I just finished reading Ami McKay's The Birth House which was excellent!). I love it when I got $135 of my textbooks free (gift certificates for bookstore, Chapters and… and lookee here, I've won another book in the mail (woo!), and it looks like for the 4th year (of 8) I've won a Welcome to U prize too (a bookstore gift certificate which will be nice for next semester). Did I mention I'm innundated with books yet?

I've also been reading magazines like crazy. Harpers takes forever to get through (it's dense stuff but theres some great pieces in there), the Conde Nast Traveler magazine I was given as part of a gift basket from work is terribly entertaining, the mags I picked up from Organic Roots are pretty nice reads, and then there's the first ever issue of Unlimited magazine. I'm thinking of even getting a subscription to Unlimited, as it seems like my kind of magazine. Fun like Good Magazine (which I really enjoy!), it's aimed at people in the workforce (or intending on getting into the workforce) aged 20-35.

And I've a ton of writing to do this semester too… but that'll be just plain good stuff — that is once I get started!