It's been a BUSY long weekend.

So, it's the busiest weekend of the year at work now (or one of 'em, given that all the students are back in town), so I'm inevitably working loads of hours (yay for cash!)… and of course it's also a busy weekend outside of work and school prep.

Yeah… so, I had the joy of working 7-1:30 on Friday before running to campus to get my U-Pass… and be told that after 7 years on campus with the SAME ONEcard, I suddenly need to get a new one 'cause the 'U-pass sticker doesn't fit'. I am rather proud to have gotten this far with my ONEcard and don't particularly want to get a new one. Regardless they did put the sticker on my old one so that I don't miss out on the transit. *sighs*

Then to the Fringe for the aforementioned play viewing. In the evening Ramona and I viewed another amazing play:

God's Eye
Heart-wrenching enough that I shed a few tears, this play, essentially acted by one woman (who played a young boy) with the accompaniment of a man in a wheelchair on the stage, was incredibly literary and imaginative. It reminded me of the cognitive psychology of storytelling actually… plus of course the fairtale motifs, and many of the is there a God is there not a God arguments that exist. Regardless it was highly interesting! I thoroughly enjoyed it — and for the last of the Fringe plays I saw this season it was right up there with the best (4.5 stars)

Saturday started out as an early morning too — 7-3 work, and was followed by a trip to campus to sign up for some volunteering. After a good dinner with Beth at Phobulous, we went to Symphony under the Sky and were entertained by the Arrogant Worms and the ESO with their renditions of so many great songs like 'Canada is Really Big' and 'I am Cow'. I even bought a CD of their last performance with the ESO and got is autographed.

A long walk later and we were at the board game party at Matt's apt. This included some great games, one with a Guillotine (such fun!), Bonnanza (yay for bean fields!) and of course the Killer Bunny game we played until the sun began lightening the horizon.

Yeah… so I've been quite busy but enjoying myself thoroughly. I'm muchly enjoying the additional board games in my life these days!!