I was there and I may well be

One of the reasons why I loved the latest Harry Potter movie is because of the fact that now that I've been to London, a lot of the scenery was familiar to me. I could marvel at the cinematic panoramas and otherwise and think hey, I've been there!

So yesterday at work, I was made aware of a new position's availability (it's a year long position, 4hrs a week, doing a lot of the things I already know how to do but working for the banner rather than for the store… the rest of the time I'd work my normal job). I put my name in after quite a bit of thought, so who knows how that will turn out! 🙂

I spent a large portion of yesterday and today reading again. Specifically Michael Ondaatje's Divasidero, his newest book (which I own signed). It was rather good, although there were a few loose ends that I would have liked to have had tied up (at the same time the open endedness is refreshing). I loved how it wove time and place and persons together all in very interesting manners.

Oh and I'm finally working to put up the hundreds of Europe photos. They'll be on Facebook (with public links). I rather like the commenting feature of Facebook, so feel free to ask about the photos. As Kim (and for part of the time Beth) discovered I took a LOT of photos — and I don't necessarily remember everything about them.