Day 11: And we're home!

One last breakfast, a quick trip to the Fumicino/Leonardo Da Vinci airport, some time in the shops at the airport (we bought some Italian Chocolate) and we were off.

General Comments about Rome:
-I'd like to go back in off season: when it's not quite so hot and the crowds are less crazy — those crowds were horrible!
-there remains SO MUCH to see and do!
-the Sistine Chapel was worth seeing, as were most of the attractions I saw in Rome
-I like how scaffolding is hid with cloth decorated with a design showing what is hidden beneath — especially when they're working on a particularly nice building.

Comments about Europe in general:
I'd like to visit more of Europe. In Italy I'd like to go to Napoli, and Venice. I'd love to see so many cool countries that I've never been to (well in actuality, I'd like to travel the whole world over!). It was an awesome trip, the food was great, the culture, scenery, attractions etc. were all amazingly awesome!

Flight home: the flight was pretty decent. I watched Music and Lyrics on the flight to Toronto, and then had the least annoying ever passage through Toronto airport en route to Edmonton. The second flight, I half-slept through. By the time I got home I'd been awake for well over 20 hrs.

Jet lag took like a week to get over — I mostly wanted to go to bed at 8pm and wake up at 5am — which is totally not useful, especially when I was working past 8pm.

But yeah, I totally have the travel bug (still!).