On the writing front…

So fourth time was the charm. I finally made it into WRITE 295 after the submission of 4 portfolios. And I'd be jumping for joy (since this is 4 years of work), but this means that I have to choose between WRITE 498 (non-fiction taught by one of my absolutely favorite Profs, one whom I partially thank for my getting into this fiction class) and WRITE 295 (fiction), because they're both only offered once this coming year: at the SAME TIME, grrr!

But I think I know the decision I'm making already. This means I'm taking all 200-level classes to finish off my major and minor this coming year (300s and 400s for electives). Weird if you think about it really.

I just wish I could take a class by my fave profs anyhow. All my real favorites I've either taken all the possible courses for, don't want to fit into my schedule or can't fit into my schedule given conflicts (both work and school related)… which is a true let-down after the past 7 years of University. I'm just hoping that the 8th year will turn out as good as the last 7.