Updates on more recent happenings…

So in no particular order here are some updates on some more recent happenings in my life:

— I saw both River City Shakespeare Festival productions. I highly recommend Two Gentlemen of Verona. It's the better of the two, and a musical (of course if you don't like musicals, then I'd recommend The Winter's Tale instead). I also got wonderfully eaten by mosquitoes helping an out-of-towner find the appropriate bus stop after the production.

— I went out to the Camp He Ho Ha Open House. It was pretty good (had the weather been better it would have been an awesomer event like it was a couple of years ago when I went). It was hard to hear our Province's Lieutenant Governor during his speech but he was good. The cheque presentations seemed to go on for ages (which was great for the camp) but made me realize just how bad the aging and shrinking disease of service organizations is. It was pretty ghastly — and who will do the service if these organizations aren't around?

— I rode in the back seat of Richard's convertible with the top down all the way back from the Camp. It was so wonderful watching the clouds and the scenery fly by.

— I apparently am having sleep habits that are kind of annoying again (still?).

— I re-watched The Notebook again. I really need to make more effort to get out and do things… mind you vegging after a few long days really really feels good.

— Best wishes to all of Cody Lawrence's friends and family. Hearing of his death was just plain shocking.

— Also best wishes to Beth and her family.