Pirates and Farmers oh my!

Your Power Bird is a Cardinal

You believe that each day is precious, and you spend your times as best as you can.
You see the wonder in small things, and you are often content with what you have.
You life an interesting, colorful life – and you bring color to those around you.
Confident and expressive, you believe you know how to live a good life. You're living it!

It apparently isn't difficult to wake up early as long as you got more sleep than the previous night. On this note, I left my house this morning for a private screening of Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End. This was an AWESOME movie… predictable at times (okay VERY much so) but the characters were so fun to watch that I loved it anyway. I never thought I'd actually find myself rooting for Orlando Bloom in a movie so much but I sure did. And I loved Johnny Depp's off beat character. Of course it probably would have helped had I seen the second Pirates movie, not just the first one since I think I lacked some of the continuity of the story line… but it was still awesome!

I determined that I definitely can't finish a regular popcorn (I barely made it through the top quarter) or a regular soft drink (well I had fruitopia but still!). Yay for free snackage though!

After the film, I wandered to the Downtown Farmer's Market for the first time this year… gosh I like that place! After some listening to music and some nibbles of treats, I bought some yummy squeaky cheese curds, some perogies (the only time Farmer's Market perogies aren't the bestest ever was in Montreal), and a couple of Head Bands from Bootyfly Bags. I will eventually get one of their bags I imagine… I've been holding out for the perfect style/colour though.

And my day is only beginning… I still have a full workday ahead of me!

Your Score: Myrna Loy

You scored 7% grit, 19% wit, 33% flair, and 50% class!

You are class itself, the calm, confident perfect woman. Men turn and look at you admiringly as you walk down the street, and even your rivals have a grudging respect for you. You always know the right thing to say, do and, of course, wear. You can take charge of a situation when things get out of hand, and you're a great help to your partner even if they don't immediately see or know it. You are one classy dame. Your screen partners include William Powell and Cary Grant, you little simmerpot, you.

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