things I like that start with 'L'

This is a letter-meme in which I list 10 things I like that start with the letter L. If you post a comment to this entry, asking for a letter yourself, then I will give you one at random. Then you must post 10 things you like starting with YOUR letter, and so on. My letter was donated by Beth.

In no particular order:
1. Life: I happen to be very much enamored with living, thus life happens to be something I rather like.
2. Love: even in the 'tru love' sense sought after in fantasy and fiction (like The Princess Bride) love is a great concept… and it most certainly is for friendships and family as well.
3. Lasagna: I think what I liked best about Garfield was his great love for lasagna. What irks me though is when I'm craving lasagna with lots of spinach AND meat in it when I'm at a restaurant and have to choose between veggie or meat lasagna… *sighs*
4. Larger Than Life Line Dance: It's a UADC tradition to do this huge line dance whenever Larger Than Life is played at a dance… it's crazy challenging and fun, and thus I like it! 🙂
5. Limes: thanks to Kim, I rather like limes! I'm much more likely to have limeade than lemonade… plus I really like having a lime slice in my gingerale.
6. Lamb: A band I've enjoyed for quite some time… Especially the song Bonfire.
7. Lines: as in good lines of poetry! (actually good lines of prose and good lines as in quotes are also cool!)
8. Luck: hey… as much as luck is really just chance… I happen to have a contest entering hobby… so it's useful! 😉
9. Lifesavers: the candy's yummy… but I also like people who save people's lives…
10. Lemmings: The ol' computer game rocked! 🙂

In other news Mim's play was fantastic… although it really made me HATE people who TALK in the audience during a performance. Talking, singing along and stamping feet are NOT acceptable behaviours during Fiddler on the Roof!