Me.dium, an interesting idea

I don't know if I like it yet or not, but I've been playing with this new add-on (extension?) for Firefox lately called Me.dium. It lets you see what other people are doing online (similar sites) and hypothetically lets you communicate with your friends online through it as well (in addition to other people viewing the same sites as you are. I don't currently have many friends on it so I've not been playing with that feature just yet… but I like the concept. I wonder if anyone else has heard of it or if they've tried it before. I've always liked firefox, and although the use of the bar on the side of the screen limits the space I can play with for other things on the browser, me.dium seems pretty interesting.
This is one of the many interesting items I have learned about through being a bzzagent, or person who spreads the word (word of mouth advertizing) about something.