Small world, ain't it?

So in the past weeks I've had this odd serendipity of meeting old acquaintances, people I've met before but totally didn't expect to run into in completely different circumstances and so on. Essentially, as the children sang at the volunteer commitment I attended last night it's a small world afterall.

Really: meeting the sister of a friend who lives in a completely different province and realizing that we'd been to the same wedding earlier is one thing… but meeting the sister of another friend (and not knowing it!) last night and seeing him again after over 2 or 3 years (?) was just remarkable! Especially given that the two circumstances have very little to do with each other and the fact that he's in Fort Mac most of the time. Wierd but good, eh?

I've also met an old jr high/elementary peer who was shopping at my store the other day: she apparently lives on my street now! And then there's running into odd acquaintances at really odd times — completely setting it all off kilter!

But hey, I like it. I wonder whom I'll meet next!