Christmas List

Well… since people do tend to ask for this regularly… I thought I'd post a Christmas list thingy… not because I really need anything in particular, but because it's a whole lot easier if people know what I'm desiring.

— The 6th Season of Gilmore Girls!
— Bandu Board Game (it is a Milton Bradley game from 1991 that happens to be awesome fun, and nearly impossible to find outside of ebay from what I understand)
— Trivial Pursuit (not a themed edition this time… I rather want the traditional game…)
— Je me souviens 3 CD boxed set (this is EXTREMELY hard to find… it's a CD set that commemorates 50 years of the Quebec flag… and is super in my books, but apparently out of stock everywhere I look online and elsewhere)
— The new Bob the Angry Flower Book: Dog Killer
— Some nice large towels… I like the colour red… a deep rich red… but any nice deep rich colour will do…
— The Arrogant Worms' Gift Wrapped: The Best of Arrogant Worms CD
— The Barenaked Ladies Christmas CD
— Rule of Nines CDs
— D&D Players Manual 3.5 rules (even if I never play again, and I fully intend on playing, the rules would be nice)

Other things I want/need:
movies starring any of: Topher Grace, Natalie Portman, Julia Stiles, Johnny Depp… I particularly love V for Vendetta for example
new shoes that fit (my feet have HURT for long enough)
some particularly awesome clothing items
spending time with my awesome friends
piece of mind
all the books I'm lacking from Mercedes Lackey's Heralds of Valdemar series
awesome experiences
great food
That 70s Show seasons after season 3 (I have the first three seasons)
to have the finances to see my far flung friends more often
true love (a la Princess Bride! 😉 )
to be a better person, and fix problems that I myself have created
to always be reaching for my goals and aspirations
the 1987 Jack Zipes translation of Grimms Fairytales that I was using for class — it's worth owning.
to hopefully this next year actually get into the fiction writing class
more pampering time for me
happy friends
to have a better world around me

Christmas is a great time for giving… I'm totally enjoying wrapping presents, donating time and money, and of course enjoying all that the season has for opportunities to better my community and my world.