An It's really cold here update

So apparently wearing a big warm sweater isn't enough to keep me warm anymore — I have to don my newly (this year) finished massive scarf to keep warm at times (no, not just my semi-fashionable other scarf either). Yes, Kim, to answer the question you must have asked me a million times (or maybe just several thousand to be more accurate) it IS finished! 🙂

I'm in a Gilmore Girls/Christmas music mode these days: that is, I'm multitasking by either watching Gilmore Girls or listing to Christmas music (and sometimes singing along) these days. At work, Christmas music is playing interspersed with other songs — one of my favorite aspects of the season!

I've actually started with the Christmas buying/making/wrapping/thing. I've more than just actually started writing Christmas cards. Yet again, I'm realizing just how bad I am at collecting accurate contact information for people. I wonder just how many return to senders I'll have this year — hopefully not many!

It's really really cold waiting for the bus these days — especially when they're apparently not following the schedule that the ETS website insists is accurate. Since when should 3 number 5 busses pass my stop before a single number 1 bus anyway?

Playing Scotland Yard (a board game) makes me realize just how much I really stink at the detective game thing! *shrugs* oh well…

You know the economy's crazy when you have to visit 3 Tim Hortonses just to find one that's open… short staffed everywhere, eh?

And my foot is still hurting like crazy… but I think it's less severe now that I got the inserts for my shoes — hopefully?

Oh, and I guess I'm beading again. I've only made one item yet this season, but it's gosh darn pretty. I hope that she enjoys it when I give it to her. Problem: I have no idea when I'll see her again. The item does compliment the gown she wore the last time I saw her, however so maybe that'll help. I have so many gorgeous friends! 🙂

Well, I ought to go make some more sweet potato fries (spicy!) and maybe do some dishes (ack they're taking over the kitchen again!)… and sit down to get warm again. I'm NOT looking forward to leaving this abode tonight to work… chilly!!