Thank you and comments on a great gathering!

Thanks to everyone who attended the gathering I hosted at my place yesterday. I truly had a great time and got to meet some of your awesome-seeming friends! I'm really happy to be seeing more of you all these days, and hope that that will only continue with time.

That said, I'm also quite glad that the clean-up was accomplished without much work, and that I actually did get 5+hrs of sleep before work today. I'm also glad I gave everyone a good time window to arrive — meaning that I had a wide-array of people attend from dance club, to school, etc. friend groupings. I'm hoping that I'll have more of these types of gatherings in the future.

I'm also quite intrigued by Jackie's idea of doing a Joy Luck Club-esque thing. Who knows how available I'll be for such things, but it's worth a shot!

Oh and I was actually mildly surprised at how well the food went over yesterday — I noticed a couple great themes in what people brought and what I provided: those being the lack of meat (and I don't even think there were many if any vegetarians in the room), a dominance of vegetables (yay!) and much junk food fun!

I also learned that Shoppers Drug Mart, and Mac's near my house do not carry yeast.

As much as I'm sore from a long day's work… I'm planning on going out to see Borat… so it'll be an eventful evening!