Dancin' and singin'… and happy Thanksgiving to all!

So that finishes one busy week of work… 36hrs. Not too bad given that I'm in school and all! I'm really looking forward to training for my new position at the store (more responsibility, yay!) starting pretty much in November.

The first dance of the semester was last night for the dance club. It was awesome although it did take a while to get started, and I didn't notice some people's presence there until they were ready to leave (and I probably missed others entirely). The number of level ones there was great also — also great to see people whom I didn't expect to have joined dance club — gotta love that small world syndrome acting up again!

Yeah… I ended the night in a little bit of a mental funk — not a huge issue (I'm in much better spirits and I was in better spirits than I would have been at many other times)… but it didn't help when I was one of like three girls standing around WATCHING the last waltz. Mind you it was Kermit the Frog's The Rainbow Connection — one of my fave songs, so maybe that did have an effect of some sort.

Speaking of music, I really enjoyed the mix of songs played last night. It's always good to hear some new stuff.

I miss spending more time with the ol' Sorefeet gang. We have been all drifting apart or so it seems… only reuniting occasionally at UADC events. I'm surprisingly becoming better friends with the TAs however, and of course meeting a lot of new faces.

I think it's weird that I almost didn't recognize someone because of a hat.

As for the singin', I've been singing along with lyrics a lot lately — be it under my breath at work or quietly while dancing at that social or otherwise.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow's Turkey dinner with my family. Gotta love turkey!

Happy Thanksgiving one and all!!