Sore as all get out… and why??

So today, I've been infernally sore. All day. So sore in fact that this morning I didn't want to get out of bed and just rested there daydreaming until the realization that I ought to rise and shine struck me… I nearly never do that — stay in bed for so long, regardless of how awesome the daydream/dream.

The workday clearly did nothing to rectify this soreness — frankly I found it semi-stressful. I was floating (in otherwords was in charge of ensuring everyone got their breaks — not a terribly hard or stressful position, I actually enjoy the responsibility) and we had three people go home or call in sick, plus one person who didn't show up at all. Stressful because this meant that we were insanely short staffed… and I'm not a terribly big fan of being oh so short staffed.

*sighs* So my shoulders have the stupidest amount of knots in 'em because of this stress — I tend to tense up when I'm running on adrenaline (and I actually like the excitement of dealing with a challenge usually — but today I think the soreness contributed to the atmosphere which just made me feel more stressed), and I did develop a slight headache also.

But enough complaining. I think part of my problem is that I've been thinking too much. As per the usual really. *shrugs*

I dreamt really good dreams last night… I wonder if they're good omens or not. *shrugs*