Went to Cook County…

… for the first time ever, and had an utterly great time! Now, not only am I sore in the shoulders (the way I woke up) and in the shins (from standing all day at work) but I hurt more due to tiredness and two-steppin'!

Somethin' tells me that if it was that much fun this time, I've gotta do this more often. Michelle and Katherine were awesome and it was great to see Grace again too. Fabulous to see old friends again, and to of course meet Michelle for the first time, who just happens to be my neighbour (she lives in my building!). A lot of that 'small world' phenomenon happenin' here tonight. It feels darn good to touch base with old friends these days and make new ones. Not to mention of course do some two-stepping, line-dancing, and generally have a great time.

The stickers were awesome though — Dangerous Goods A Board — especially wearing 'em!

Last night was similarly fun. I walked to where people were playing soccer, caught up with Lana and Chris and ended up hanging out at Mac's followed by the Windsor Pub of all places. That too was a first, to spend time at the Windsor Pub.

Awesomeness! I totally need to get out more — especially to places like Cook County again!

Now, although I STILL haven't managed in my random phoning sprees to find people to play frisbee with when I crave it (usually right after work), I am getting out of my apt into the real world beyond work, travel and craziness. I totally want to catch up with all of my friends — you, reading this, take note! I wanna see you sometime!