Montreal Adventures continue… Mmmmm the poutine!

So Beth asks me today what I've been up to… and I answer that I've been trying to keep this lj updated with what I`ve been up to. Well — I haven't necessarily been doing an incredibly great job of updating you all (not that my life is REALLY all that exciting, I mean I am in class for 3.5 hours each morning and three hours each afternoon, even if the afternoon classtime is often fieldtrips and the morning's classes do include activities. In any case I'm not pleased that the Oilers lost last night (yes I watched — I pretty much caught the last half of the game, being that I was eating poutine at the best place to eat poutine in Montreal during the first part of the game, walking back during the first intermission and stopping at Champs (the best bar to watch the game apparently) and walking back to rez during the first part of the second period (our group was tired and wanted to watch the game at the rez)).

What haven't I mentioned? The shopping is of course amazing here, the culture is superly weird — how often do I get pick up lines from anyone let alone strange guys from Paris on a daily basis in Edmonton — but really I love it. Yesterday's trip to the market was awesome (and of course so were the fruit and crepes we had there). Did you know that Montreal is all World Cup crazy? Walking in Little Italy during the game means dodging the crowds outside of the restaurants and bars trying to look in and watch the game — they`re even spilling out onto the streets… very crazy, but also fun! The evening included a wonderful walk up St. Laurent with our excellent French (from France!) tour guide telling us all the wonderful history of the area and of course our stop at the end at the poutine place.

Tonight there`s pedal boats/quadricycles, and beaver tails… so more funtimes! Fauza and I are thinking of catching a French film at a really eccentric cinema which should be a great time as well!

Anywho… I send you all great thoughts of good food (and if anyone knows it, excerpts of La Bottine Souriant's song 'La tourti├¿re').

Remember I can be reached by email if anyone has tips, hints, advice, requests, or just wants to get in touch (or to get a post card!). The offer still stands for those who want to get in touch while I'm in Montreal — please please drop me a line! Sure I don't have tonnes of free time, but it's certainly not as if I can`t make the time!