Montreal and Mont Tremblant adventures continued

So, if you were wondering, I haven`t had the computer time to catch up with you via friends pages on lj… I`m barely updating this thing as I promised and at that I`ve not been doing a great job. Anyway, Les Francofolies de Montreal is an excellent festival… I`m even wearing a dress from the souvenir shop there. Very cool, all things considered.

Classes are going rather well… I`m learning a lot.

Yesterday I was rather frustrated to have missed the Salsa event that I really wanted to be at (oups!) because I had the time wrong in my head. Instead I used the sports center for the first time which was really great. I`m looking forward to using the machines more, and generally having a great time. I love the francophone music that is found everywhere here. Very great!!

On Saturday we went to Mont Tremblant, which was good, but would have been incredible had it not rained and rained and rained (it`s an outdoors paradise… but indoors it`s really not as cool as a resort town). In any case I went swimming indoors and outdoors. We watched the game in a rez common room which was fun after we returned. Sunday I went shopping at Simons (and I will certainly return: a better department store would be hard to find! Not for those prices anyway).

Anywho… I ought to jet… we`re going to March├⌐ Jean Talon this afternoon with class and I don`t want to be late. Later this afternoon we`re catching the World Cup match while in Little Italy.

Oh and did I mention that I really like the Metro system here?