Quick Party Recap

Thanks for everyone who attended my potluck/going away party! I'm going to try to update people on my LJ on a semi-regular basis while I'm in Montreal so that should help.

As for attendance, I would say that the gathering was remarkably successful. Food evened out nicely with lots of snacks and whatnot for everyone's enjoyment.

We played 'party games' where some people got picked on worse than others… I was attacked by flipper frogs in our game of Cranium Family Fun (which is remarkably fun people! Less academically stimulating than Cranium perhaps, but more crazy stunts and certainly more teamwork! We totally have to play this more often!) Trivial Pursuit 90s edition again beat us into submission (none of us are very good — I blame it on us all being either a)oblivious b) too young in the 90s c) too old in the 90s or d) a combination thereof to do terribly well at that game — it was fun however!

Anywho… since a remarkably large portion of the group consists of LJ nerds… especially ones I didn't know about… LJ will prove even better to keep in touch with people. Now, I've got to return to my laundry and packing and jet outta here ASAP… (yes I've plans) But I fly tomorrow, so we'll see how it goes. I'll try to stay in touch in any case! Take care and au revoir!

0h and many thanks to everyone who sent me tips for my trip!