Could everyone please get well soon?

It's not been easy these last few days and weeks. Emotionally I've been on a roller coaster… and it's not been easy to get off or to relax or to just be the me I was previously (or the me I'll be eventually, whatever that'll be).

The arm is still not 100% (not that it might ever be but whatever) but work's been marginally better. My stomach stopped twitching as much yesterday evening (from digestion not liking me that is) but it's still not perfect either.

But what is so frustrating other than emotions is friendship.

And what makes that more frustrating that normal even is to realize just how many friends are sick or injured lately. And when I say sick, I mean really sick — not just the garden variety cold — but hospital trip sick, pneumonia and other afflictions.

Frankly I'm more than just a little worried about people… and sending all my love and best wishes toward them such that they can get better.

I love my friends and I wish the best for them. I want to know that they're okay and/or will be okay before I disappear off to Montreal. It's incredibly hard to think about all the temporary goodbyes I have before I head off…
which of course isn't much helped by the goodbyes we all had to say to our co-workers last night — quite a few of our staff moving to the new store… many of which being my fave co-workers.

Oh and in other news… I'm not sure what I think of the new Xmen movie. Sure I liked the film for many things… but not necessarily for my fave character's actions. *sighs* It was good to go to it however. Especially with some of our group's commentary causing guffaws throughout!