Oilers going to the Stanley Cup Awesomeness!

So as I sit here, happy and marvelously excited, cradling my arm on the occasions when I'm not typing in the wonderful rapid relief cold pack and a towel, I listen to the wonderously boisterous noises from outdoors… all of the honking and screaming and general cavorting about (yes, I'm safely indoors and nowhere near Whyte… although I'm certainly near Jasper, and thus the craziness!).

It's so exciting to watch our team head to the Stanley Cup Final! I'm no HUGE hockey fan or anything… but I do like my ice sports and I do like hockey… and the playoff maddness is catchy… and well… I gotta love the Oilers! I mean I did grow up cheering for 'em, and I still do! 🙂

Yay for the Oilers! We are totally the CITY OF CHAMPIONS here! 😉 Let's get Lord Stanley's Cup (and it's a mighty fine cup too)!

I wonder what the result of the ruckus will be… I mean it is a Saturday night… on Whyte… and Jasper… with a MASSIVE Oiler win… and it only keeps getting crazier as time goes on!