Fun and Friendship

So, whereas Friday I was rather tired and not in a terribly amazing mood (lack of sleep being an issue of course), after a long work day I watched some snippets of the hockey game before heading out with a brand-new coworker to Fiore to get to know her a bit better. Not necessarily something I'd normally do, but I was in the mood to initiate doing something that night and most certainly did. Much better than sitting around and continuing to just watch Gilmore Girls (as great as that is) continually.

Yesterday, the day went along pretty normally until midway through it when I ran into/talked to some awesome people and got into this incredibly awesome good mood. (Still am in a very excellent mood actually. Life IS fabulous afterall!) In any case after a long work day (my 6th in a row, and thus overtime), I headed over to a house warming party which I thoroughly enjoyed. Not only did I get to play Settlers of Catan for the first time ever (and really had a blast!) but I got to discourse about Lem (well pseudo-discourse about Lem), watch failed attempts at making a hot air balloon in the rain, and catch up with CKI friends I hadn't seen in ages.

Essentially when I returned home at some excellently early hour this morning, and went to bed after starting to read a children's book (yes, it's a fun book to read… it was that or reading children's bedtime stories — I didn't want anything too serious), I dreamed about playing Settlers of Catan. Highly amusing to remember THAT from my dreams 🙂

In any case I think I'll go watch more of season 3 of Gilmore Girls before heading off to work today. 🙂