Strange Dreams….

So, last night I really didn't sleep well. I know the reason, and it was a pretty natural reaction. That said, for some odd reason, I woke this morning before my alarm, feeling relatively well rested, after some mighty odd dreams.

Now I know that some parts of my dreams were simply a reaction to events of daily life. My brain processing that which has occurred and I suppose trying to make sense of things. I know that my emotions were controlling much of what happened in the dreams for example.

But what puzzled me (and still does I guess) is why that particular content. You see, the dream that I remember best had me situated in my apt, with several friends (one female several male… no one in specific), and family (I don't often dream them into such unusual situations). I had just woken up and was trying to explain to everyone the state of affairs (which relates to real life the most directly) however the people I was talking about didn't correspond directly to that which was happening in the world at large.

Even more puzzling was the fact that the ceiling was bleeding water. Not just in one place either, but everywhere. It dripped like a slow moving waterfall. Somehow I wasn't going about rescuing or saving things but rather was caught up in trying to figure out its source, and to explain stuff to friends and family. I wonder why that particular chain of events showed up in my dreams. I mean, really… how exactly do I get a ceiling that bleeds water like that?

Yes, I'm still on an emotional edge, but that makes sense to me, it's actually rather normal sometimes.