Poetry reading comments

So the poetry reading last night was rather cool I'm not entirely happy with the poems I read, but my delivery improved for at least one, and I think workshopping another in class will fix some of its glaring issues.

I was really impressed by a few poets… but especially with Martin Kerr's performance (http://www.justanotherman.com) whose performance I was impressed enough with that I bought a CD. I rather like the CD too! Quite the voice… and with the preambles to the songs and their messages, even more interesting.

Maria ended off the night splendidly — typical of her poetry… which I adore. This was followed by a bunch of spoken word… some of which was loud enough to make my hearing kind of off for the rest of the evening (as Jeff can attest to). But they freestyled and compared me to the Matrix's Trinity — which was rather surprising and I suppose complimentary… so I thought that that was cool.

I was so pleased to have support there. It was great to see and catch up with Jackie (as the only friend who came this time asides from my classmates Gail and Maria, Blood Ink aquaintances and of course past classmates). I shouldn't neglect to eat supper so frequently however.

Now, I've procrastinated essay writing enough… it's due tomorrow so I ought to get crackin'.