Mmmmm… bakery-goodness

So, while I started my day sore as can be (I'm starting to yet again suspect that I ought to buy myself a new bed… so often do I wake up in pain when I sleep in this one… *sighs*), and this soreness still exists to a certain extent although very reduced, I'm ending my day by munching on such yummy toaster oven goodness!

You see, I stopped by the Artisan Bakery Cafe yet again after work… this time to pick up bread (I'm so used to SaveOn gourmet breads that I needed a change) and I know that while it's so utterly expensive, it's SO utterly yummy! It's high time my toaster oven got some use, so I've made some very yummy snacks.

I also took an excellent walk today out in the great weather. I'm starting to suspect that I ought to do more physical activity in general. It feels oh so good. Even if it's just walking for a half hour or so… feels good anyhow (helped the pain I woke up with go away anyhow… maybe sleep deprivation played a part this time… afterall, I did work at 7am… *shrugs*

Anywho… in other news I LOVE Shaw Digital Phone's new 1000 free minutes per month to stated overseas locations… I called Ca3rine today at her home (calling her cell phone would still cost me money)… boy was that ever fun! I mean she got to practice using her English again, and we both really got caught up for once. Hard to believe it's been almost 5 years now.

Anyway… I ought to get back to being semi-productive… or at least doing something other than typing LJ posts! 😉