So I'll be looking for roommate #7… ;)

Although life's still peachy-keen (better than that even?), and I'm still super happy, it's also an adventure. From new ideas of how to improve my finances, to new experiences which most certainly abound… there's been much going on in Ali's life.

The newest news of course is that I'll be searching for a roommate, as Greg is moving out effective May 1st (he let me know for certain today). If anyone knows of anyone who needs a place to live, I'd enjoy hearing about it most certainly. It's a two bedroom place if you haven't been here.

Some brief details:
Rent is approximately $300/month (includes heat and water)
plus your share of utilities:
phone (Shaw Digital — includes free long distance in Canada and continental USA): ~$30/month
internet (cable)–> you can use my computer or we can figure out how to effectively hook up a router system or something of the like: ~$25/month
electricity bill: ~$15-20/month
So the grand total cost per month is approximately $370ish.

In any case, it's a decent deal… and an awesome place to live: I've lived here well over 5 years now. Close to all major amenities, and less than a half hour walk (or really short bus or lrt) to the university, or short walk to GMC, and definitely convenient for any of you working (or doing anything) downtown.

Oh and Morgan: I seem to have misplaced the url to your blog again (when my computer was fixed, I must have forgotten to write it down). Would I be able to get it from you again?