Another button, cancelled class & 24 hrs awake

So today another button popped off my jacket. This time however, I didn't lose it. On my to-do list will be then to buy some better quality thread to sew the buttons on. Now that I lost the first button, I certainly don't have any extras.

My evening class was cancelled after less than an hour (it's a 3 hr class) when we realised that we actually couldn't get the room technology to work. This was after attendance and handing in of essays though.

Speaking of essays, mine was written and handed in. Of course I didn't finish writing it until 7am this morning (hey I still did get 6hrs sleep… I slept from 7am until 1pm!). This meant of course 24hrs awake… and I nearly did fall asleep a bunch o' times in front of the computer… but hey it all worked out somehow!